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Thread: Just joined but long time fan

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    Just joined but long time fan

    Hi All, I am 58 years old and a long time Disneyland fan. Love all the Disney rides built in RCT. Please help me! I have a 1.9 ghz lap top if I download EA can I move it to a tower later. Thanks Uninformed

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    you can later move RCTW to a tower by installing Steam on it. I've moved all my games form my old laptop to my new gaming laptop.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I am looking forward to RCTW but wasn't sure if I would be stuck to my laptop.

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    Retail pack

    I was going to wait for the retail pack so I could move to a tower but it sounds so good to start it now I was afraid I was limited.

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    Welcome Daddy-O! I think you'll enjoy it here. Happy Tycoon'ng!

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    Hey Daddy-O, welcome to the forums of RCT! Enjoy your time with us!

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