View Full Version : Some issues regarding making custom scenery

02-22-2016, 07:36 AM
Hi everyone

I've had RCT3 as part of my gaming collection for a very long time, however have never dipped fingers into creating scenery or rides for RCT3 which suddenly in the last week has changed drastically, to the point that I dived into making some cs objects of my own which so far have been going fine however I'm having a few problems that I hope someone with knowledge in the CS area can help out with...

wirthin a week, I've already begun to make my own complete sets, however have a few issues that I can't seem to find answers to (which are)

after installing the scenery with RCT3 importer V18b2, the items of scenery appear in the locations as to where I had set them up toappear however I can't find where the hell the importer has placed the cs files, I understand that one needs Jon Wil's rct3imp tool to setup the folders and everything correctly however being relatively new to developing content for RCT3, I've only naturally begun downloading what I could find which for some reason the RCT3Imp download location is not working... I'm hoping that someone has this located in their collection and would be willing to email or send a copy to me.

Where does RCT3 importer place the files if I don't have RCT3imp - can one manually create the folders and information required