View Full Version : How make an elevator like oil derrick and sky tower ?

01-17-2016, 07:26 AM
Hi I'm new here, I played Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 when I was a child and I come back many years later to play the 2 ! I like very much the scenery, but I have a problem. I know use shift + mouth to build height, but I don't understand how the two elevators Oil Derrick and Sky Tower can exist ! It's impossible to build walls and blocks so high. I tryed a lot of things but I can't !

I took a screen to explain the problem : http://http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/599465SCR1.png (http://http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/599465SCR1.png)

You can see to the left I know how to do if the elevetor is little, but if it is too high I can't put the walls and the blocks. I tryed with the original sky tower whithout scenery, and the result is the same.

To the right you can see the max I can arrive with blocks.

Is it possible to make this towers oneself ? Thanks and sorry if you don't understand all my english is bad !

03-15-2016, 03:42 AM
The Ctrl key allows you to place scenery at a fixed height without having to start from the original ground square every time. It would be very difficult to build scenery several hundred feet high using the shift key alone.

05-05-2016, 06:04 PM
Ohhh thanks !!! It's change all ! It will be very easier now ! :)