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01-14-2016, 11:51 PM
Years ago on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pa there were 2 coasters that were big hits. One called the Little Scenic was a single car side friction coaster. The lift high was fairly tall the noise going up the high just added to ride. As the car climbed the hill bars were moved to the side and the snapped back into place after the cars was pasted, that was the Anti Roll Back for that coaster. It was nice slow beginning ride, just a little dip followed by level track, then another dip, after about the 3 dip, the track went into a very slight incline but still no dips. As it got to the big turn to come back youwere picking up speed and just before you arrived back at the station there were 3 bunny hills that you could actually hear the car leave the track,talk about "air time"! It hit the brake run and then you were back at the station.
The second coaster was the ALPS which had 2 brakemen riding on it. The, re were 2 long trains, each with I believe 5 or 6 cars, with 2 seats each for 4 per car. The ride was an out and back but when you came back you climbed another lift hill, that leveled off into a large helex inside and outside a concrete mountain, hence the ALPS. After 2 times around the mountain you came out and dropped down another hill, to ground level, this is where the brakemen came in, they would pull back on the brake handle to slow the train down so it didn't come down to fast, a few more smaller hills, back into the base of the mountain for the final break run and the out of the mountain into the station.
If there more adults on the ride than kids, the brakemen would let the train go full speed out of the mountain. Everyone would start yelling once at the top of the mountain, "No brakes, no brakes". Sometime it worked, some time it didn't.
Park closed and is now a shopping mall. Willow Grove Park was THEE park to go to in the Philly area.

Many thought that the Little Scenic was the best of the 3 coasters in the park, beating out the Thunderbolt which was the top coaster in the park.