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01-01-2016, 07:29 PM
Hey fellas,
i got some questions:

1.) First about the system with attractions - for me the most important point is satisfaction of my visitors

i can buy one big wheel for 2700gold (2x2 =4 fields)
gain +3% satisfaction
1.0 enthusiasim

or a whirlwind for 14000gold (3x3 =9 fields)
gain +11% satisfaction
3.7 enthusiasim

compared: i could buy 5 big wheels for 13500 gold (2x2x5 = 20 fields)
gain total +15% satisfaction
5.0 enthusiasim

Yeah, i pay with spaces that i could use somewhere else - but i dont care about it at the moment.
I'm right that i gain more satifaction and enthusiasim with the 5 wheels or i'm wrong?
When i'm wrong: How does it works?

2.) The visitors are asking for various attractions but i don't notice that the satifaction reduces
even i use only 2 styles of attractions.
Can i keep ignoring them or will this give me some punishment in satifactions / moneygain?

3.) Is there a list of all upgrades with all improvements? i dont want waste my money for "usless" upgrades.

4.) When i use queues does it improve the satifaction or is it usless? ( never used it)

5.) Rating of roller coasters: It's improve only the satifaction, right?

6.) I got the feeling everytime i level up i lose some satifactions. is it right?
when yes, this it's retarded because i gain exp with collection money and need to waste it everytime for gaining satifaction.

Thanks for your attention!

01-08-2016, 09:07 PM
We have no "instruction manual" given to us from the devs to really tell us these specifics, we can only make assumptions (like you have) from watching how each attraction affects our rating. Hopefully we will get some more info about how everything is programmed in the future, but I wouldn't hold your breath.