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11-28-2015, 01:25 PM
NOT The one in it's New Location since the New Owners moved it to their Farm in 2004.

I mean, when it was Still in the Town of Brainerd MN at the Intersection of 210 and 371-N.

I try to recreate it in the Tycoon games but Can't. The games just don't have the same rides.

1. The Type of Coaster. A Older Steal Track and Hard Fiberglass Squarish type seats. Closest I can come is a Junior Coaster but it has tube rails, the wrong seats, and can't mach the Track Hills and Banks. Lift Hill with a downward left to 2 small hills and the last hill is on the last corners right into the station. Cant do that with any of Tycoons Coaster Tracks.

2. No Hampton Rides. PB had 1 Hampton Mix Vehicle Ride. Snowmobile, Buggy, Motorcycle, Sports Cars.

3. No Kiddie Boats where the boats actually needed water in its own enclosed pond and not track

4 No Zumur. A Trailerable Swing Ride that would put you Flat out at full speed. You would be Lvle to the ground 20ft in the air doing a good 35plus Mph.

5 No Frog Hopper

6. No Railroad Tracks that can Double back on themselves aka Reversing Loops. Also a F7 Unit w/ 2 Matching Stream-liner Passenger Cars and 1 Observation Car, instead of a Steam Loco.

7 No Space Probe. A Ball/Pod you sit in, Going Up/Down and Spin on a Cushion of Air inside a Clear Tube that shot you out of it a couple of feet but would always land right back in the tube. Now Granted, from what I remember, there were only 2 of these built but don't recall where the 2nd one was.

8 No Mini Himi aka Mini Himalaya

9 No Climbing Wall

10 No Bouncy House or Inflatable Crawling Tubes

11. A Farris Wheel that actually looks like a 12 Seat Big Eli and not just Generic p.o.s.

12 No Kiddie Airplanes that can go Up/Down individually

And lets not forget the Biggest reason I can not recreate PBAC.. No one has Modeled a 50ft Paul Bunyan (35 or so sitting on his stump) or a Giant Babe the Blue Ox.

It would be real nice to recreate the place I worked at for 10yrs and was the Best Job I Ever Had.

The Problem is, RCT does not take in account the rides from the 50's- late 70's. When rides just looked like they were thrown together and were skeleton looking, bare bones just enough to get them to work. You know, the stuff your local County Fair brings to town and looks like it just about to fall apart just looking at it. Those Road Side/ Parking Lot Carnival Rides with nothing around them but just some randomly place temporary fencing.