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11-22-2015, 03:38 PM
The Deal: I've made my own mega park (big as can be) and basically just flat.

There are 2 entrances, and I KNOW that there can be only 2 ways in, in total, an I've put one at each entrance, of course.

Now the issue:
A lot of people don't enter the park. They don't pay to get in (it's FREE, btw), so they should be able to just enter!

I've read that there's an entry cap, for some reason, which I don't get...

BUT The problem THEN is... once they enter the "entrance area" they can't leave. Like, EVER. They can't enter the park, and they can't leave. It's as if they're stuck on a path, though other's can ENTER... just not leave.

See picture. 1917

Now questions:
Can I remove the entry cap?
Can I remove the "you can only build so many things"-cap? (apparently I can't build more stuff, and I'm only at 4k peeps)
What exactly am I mucking up regarding to the scenario editor?

Hope you can help :D