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11-21-2015, 03:53 AM
Hi fellowRCT enthusiasts,

I recently purchased the ultimate RCT Bundle on Steam and have started playing RCT Deluxe and I have noticed that rides seem to be breaking down a lot more frequently and coasters seem to be crashing a lot more frequently than I remember. Maybe I'm a little rusty but its just something I've noticed. Is anyone else experiencing this?

11-26-2015, 05:02 PM
That's RCT1 for you. If you can, Hire 1 Mechanic for each ride or a small group of rides depending on how close they are too each other. Then set the Inspection times to 10 minutes.

Coasters... There are No Brakes Sections like in RCT2 so yes, the coaster Crash more. Even Stock Coasters will Crash ( usually while building another coaster). Depending on if you Saved your track design, you can just delete it and Replace it again ( just not one that have/had/has parts going underground as it will not let you place those parts underground again). Again, set inspection times to 10 minutes. Stock Coasters seem to love to just Stop working Properly after a bit of time and some don't even make it to lift hill or up small hills they did when you first place them. Why??? Who knows.

Flat Rides can also just be deleted and Replace right back in the same spot. If interest goes down and peeps don't want to ride it anymore or you had to lower the price too much, Delete, Replace and Charge More as the peeps will think it's a Whole New Ride they never been on yet. On the Plus side, it don't cost you money to replace the ride as you get all your Original money back after deleting the old one.