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10-30-2015, 05:21 AM
Hello, I have also been playing RCT for a very long time. In fact, I am still playing it. I can't say I have been playing all my life, because when I was born, computers were science fiction. ha ha.... I have actually worked on the IBM Ramac system. It was one of the early IBM entries into the computer field. It was really just a 602 with a ram file and a logic processing unit. I left this job and took a job operating a 1401. It was the best thing flying in those days. It featured, ( hold onto your hats) a whooping 4k memory. It also had a Ram file. The Ram was not for storing data, just programs.. Then I took a job with company that had just converted to an IBM 360. Yes, ,, IBM had one before Microsoft.. haha.. It was a beautiful machine with removable disk drives that could sort data on the drives. It had ( this is amazing ) 1024K of memory.. WOW.. What would anyone do with that much memory. :) :) The memory was in 3 big units that took up a good 1/4 of the computer floor. I worked there for a long time until I got an opportunity to go to work for a large company data center. I was sort of exited to see the computer here, but was greatly disappointed. There was no big computer. This company was a remote unit. All we did was keypunch the data and transmit it to Cleveland for processing and then Cleveland sent back the reports and we printed them out. BORING...
I kept this job for a short time until the opportunity arose for me to go to work in System Support for the company that manufactured and sold our data entry equipment. It was the CMC computer corp USA. I worked there for a short time and them got a job offer from McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Company to do sales support for a new system called the Sovereign File Management system. The Sovereign division of MDC eventually closed up shop and I moved into Reality support for the same company. Eventually that job disappeared and I went to work for Pick Systems, where I stayed until I retired.

So.. That's me and my computer history.