View Full Version : Iv'e Been an RCT Nut Since I Was 10

10-25-2015, 02:25 AM
Hello everyone!

Iv'e been a long time lurker of the forums and a RCT fan since the Chris Sawyer days. I was appalled when the first RCT World trailer popped up on the internet last year and was on the brink of throwing up. That was my childhood someone almost ruined. I'm incredibly excited now because of the new footage they have been showing off. This is what RCT needed to be so long ago. I'm just glad someone is doing it correctly.

I live in Orlando, Florida and about 20min away from Universal Studios and the Disney Parks. My uncle had taken me to Islands of Adventure on the first opening and was fascinated when I laid my eyes on Bolliger & Mabillard's work on the Incredible Hulk Coaster. So I decided to recreate it the best I could in RCT3 one lazy summer in my college days. If anyone is interested in seeing it, I recently re-uploaded on a brand new channel that I will be using to show off some of my work in the new RCTW.

I thought it was appropriate as this will be the last time we see Hulk in this form as it is being reworked and taken apart as we speak and will reopen in Summer 2016. We are not too sure whats going on with it. Everyone is very tight lipped.

It's great to finally be on the forums and I can't wait for the beta on October 30th! Cheers!