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12-23-2014, 08:23 AM
So Microsoft introduced Achievements with the Xbox 360 console in 2005 - three years later Sony and Valve followed. Achievements (or trophies) are quite a large part of some games nowadays and I want to know what your view on them is. (I don't know if they were around for games/clients before 2005, World of Warcraft for example has a huge achievement list and they could have been in place before Microsoft grabbed the spotlight).

For me:
When I got my Xbox I loved the idea of the achievements and I enjoyed getting as many as I could out of a game. I've a few 100% on my xbox account and they vary with difficulty. For example, I have the 1000 on Avatar (you can get it about 2 minutes after putting the disc into the console) and I have others such as Borderlands 1 which took probably closer to 100 hours to complete.

I don't care how difficult an achievement is, as long as it is possible to unlock. If there's an achievement which is impossible to unlock (for example it's bugged and the code isn't there to trigger it to unlock literally meaning impossible) that's not good. It annoys me because the achievements are a part of the game.
I prefer completion achievements over any other type - those that aren't necessarily that challenging, but require as much completion of the game as possible to unlock because I feel I've gotten as much out of the game as I can, but I do enjoy loading a game up and taking a look at the list to see which ones I can quickly grab before playing the game seriously.

I managed over 70,000 G on the xbox (back when I played wayyy to much) and now I have 651 achievements on steam with a 28% completion - not so great for a completion's but I'm going to try to get that to at least 75% (eventually!)

I wouldn't go as far to say I wouldn't play a game if it didn't have achievements, but I do have to admit the achievement list does have a small influence as to whether or not I get the game.

How about you guys?

01-28-2015, 04:11 AM
If it's going to be a steam game, it should have achievements.