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12-22-2014, 12:35 PM
Diving Falcon

http://widm2012.nl/rct/png/DF.PNG (http://widm2012.nl/rct/png/DFMEGA.PNG)

(Click to enlarge.)

Two rides in one, the large watchtower being the eye-catcher. There are two ways to go up: the elevator and the stairs. Going down can be done in a third way as well: in free fall 45 meters straight down! The guests leave the exit of the dive coaster at ground level and the empty trains are being transported up, inside the tower.


With footpaths, elevator and rollercoaster, it's crowded inside the tower. The screenshot above also shows where the guests get on Diving Falcon: see the blue queue line.


http://widm2012.nl/rct/png/statsdf.png http://widm2012.nl/rct/png/statsdf2.png

>>Download.<< (http://rctgo.com/downloads/download/7695)
The download is a zip-file. It contains the two tracks (both the elevator and the rollercoaster include half of the footpaths and scenery, they're easy to put together) and a park file with the ride functioning in it. The park file requires Time Twister to open it, the two tracks don't. (Only the classic medieval theming is needed.)

12-23-2014, 08:34 AM
Hey that's pretty cool. What about adding an entrance to the bottom of the free-fall to make that third way of getting to the top? It might work out so that it drives sales of tickets - would the ride stats not stay the same, so you'd technically get thrilled guests out of making them sit in a car and ride to the top?

01-07-2015, 07:52 AM
+1 I like it!, You should try adding more scenery at the left side of the coaster, making it all into a castle coaster!