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09-12-2015, 05:32 PM
Canyon Calamities was in financial difficulty and had to close the park. Weeby Ltd, purchased the park and rides for £1,250,000.

With Weeby's Reputation of owning some of the best Theme Parks across Europe, He set his sight on Canyon Calamities as his first Theme Park in the USA.

This was the park on the first day of purchase, take from a helicopter to get a view across the park:


After paying back to debt to the bank and 10 years in the making the park currently looks like this:


As you can see the Park Entrance has been increased in size and Vertical Strike as been moved to provide better access to the park. Some for the original rides had to go and were replaced with the Log Flume and a Steel Coaster. Extra themed barns and houses have been added to increase to feel of the park.


The park managed to acquire some sponsorship for its new themed area. The money managed to pay for the Saw Mill, Haunted Saw Mill, Enterprise and the Double Drop Splash Ride. Tricky Twister was paid for by the park, plus the two Simulators.

Below is the Themed Area and a view inside the builds too:


Weeby Ltd are currently looking into the following:

1. Updating the Dirt Paths
2. Re-Theming some of the Queue Line Buildings
3. Adding a Ferris Wheel to the main area around the USA Flag
4. Adding to the theming on Vertical Strike
5. New area behind Double Drop with a Giga Coaster (Planned to be the biggest the USA)

Please Comment on what you think so far.

10-19-2015, 03:12 AM
Nicely done

10-19-2015, 05:14 PM
Weeby Ltd has started its inprovements on its theming, by adding some more barn to the Vertical Strike


But as you can also see from this Pic, Flying Fish crashed. An investigation stated that the station brakes had failed, Staff were asked not to run the ride until it was fixed but on a hot summers day with limited rides open, a site manager opened the ride. Huge mistake. He has since been fired.


As you can see, boarding has been put up around the ride, while Weeby Ltd descide whether to re-open the ride or remove it from the park.

Flying Fish has been removed, Weeby Ltd descided it wasn't worth the risk. The themed Queue Line Building has been keet for the time being, might be used for the new ride.


The new area has started construction with two themed barns. this area will have a giga coaster and they are looking at moving the 3-D Cimena to this area and theme it accordingly.

The biggest problem Weeby Ltd are having is the restriction on the park to be able to reshape the landscape.


The Re-Paving of all the paths is taking shape. They are finding it difficult to do it during the open season. It was descided to update the paths during the season, as they have been taking a bit of a battering from the weather and people where conplaining about getting wet maddy shoes.

Along with the new paths there are also new bins, benchs and lamps, this is to give the park a more updated modern feel, they have also changed the plants in the flower beds and the enterance and around the seating areas.

Weeby Ltd are currently looking into the following:

1. Continuing the update of Dirt Paths.
2. Ferris Wheel to be added (awaiting delivery).
3. New area to be finished with 3 new rides.
4. 3-D Cimena to move.
5. Extend or add second Golf Course.