View Full Version : Eurosat - Enclosed Rollercoaster/Darkride in Europapark, Rust, Germany

06-11-2015, 07:42 PM
The Europapark is one of the biggest and most popular themeparks in Europe. One of it's landmarks is the rollercoaster Eurosat. The whole rollercoaster is in a 45 meter high, silver sphere. From the station the train moves into the spiral lift (powered by a big rotating "barrel"). While moving upwards the music, a techno track called "In a 2nd Orbit", is slightly changing. In the bottom part the strings are dominating, in the middle part of the lift the beats are the loudest and in the top part of the lift you can mainly hear the lead synth. After the countdown "Ten, nine, ignition sequence starts, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. All Engines running!" The train leaves the lift and the ride starts. Inside the sphere now you can hear the full soundtrack, there are lasers here and there, asteroids and such things (the whole ride is soace-themed) are illuminated by blacklight, but most of the ride you don't even see your own hands. The ride ends with a loud crashing sound while the train gets stopped pretty abruptly. To build a similar ride in RCTW the following features would be useful:
-If you build a building without windows, it shouls be pitch black inside. Not like in RCT 3 where you could still see everything because walls just created shadows but did not "absorb" light. Enclosed Rollercoasters/Darkrides should have an increased intensity/excitement rating (if you are still using something).
-Being able to turn off all lighting the rollercoaster has (in RCT 3 trains always had a headlight like a car).
-Having a music track that starts when a train leaves the station and can only be heard when sitting inside the train (coaster cam). On that way you can have the music changing depending on where the train is right now and also adding sound effects. (You'd have to put that together in a program like audacity but the dedicated fans would love it anyway I guess). Many real rollercoasters have speakers inside the headrest.
Lasers that are always on, not having to be in a MixMaster-Show, so you can use them as a decorations.

I really, really love the idea of an enclosed rollercoaster/darkride and I think this would be an important feature for many, many players and fans.

Here is a picture of the Eurosat-Sphere:

Here you can listen to the soundtrack. The part that you can actually here on the ride (as a loop of course) starts after 1:25.

In this video you can see the Eurosat with the emergency lightning turned on. Usually it is really pitch black most of the time. Also: In reality the music is way louder (you have to shout when you talk with the person sitting next to you) and the ride is much faster and intense than it appears in the video.

A Thank You to Mattlab so far for keeping us updated, I liked what I saw and read.
I wish you and everyone working on the game much success. I am sure you'll deliver a worthy sequel.