View Full Version : pre-order date and beta testing, and CG trailers?

12-15-2014, 04:07 PM
Ok question, Yes I know that we still have no idea if or when there will be a beta release and we still have no clue when the game is going to be available for pre-order but is it safe to assume when they release a game play trailer that they will make the game available for pre-order.

I also have another question was the trailer that they released actual game play footage or was it just CG? (especially the part at the end) Some people if it was confirmed a CG would be disappointed. I for one would be fine with it especially if you consider their target market which mainly consists of the casual gamer not the hardcore PC gamer with a $1,000 rig (that being the case when I think about it, they will probably put this game out on mac) that being said I am fine with a game that is not completely amazing if it consists of great game play.

And one last thing, speaking of target market; does it or should it consist of not just the casual gamer that has never even heard of RCT but more about the fans of the franchise since 1999?

12-15-2014, 06:23 PM
Ironically, the coaster at the start of the teaser is Goliath I believe. The bit at the end isn't actually as good as the actual graphics from what I've heard. I think they'll aim the game at casual players, since that is what a lot of the community is made up of. If you look at a few articles and interviews, they all say it will be fairly easy to brand new players, but experienced long time fans like you and me would still be able to do everything that you could want from an RCT game with it.