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03-11-2015, 09:51 AM
That to me means.. Monday or Tuesday.. Wednesday is midweek and Thursday and Friday are the end of the week.. why does this keep happening? This hole thing is turning into a viral s storm and honestly. It seems that the guys we are relying on really don't seem to give 2 horse apples.. its quite upsetting. Iv defended atari the entire time. And i will continue to. Its just getting harder and harder

03-11-2015, 09:54 AM
Bet this gets locked, Honestly, I feel that unless blog 5 is amazing, with out of this world videos , then I'm gonna stop checking here as much as I do currently and sit back and wait, as it'll be clear there's little point in even being hear.

03-11-2015, 09:58 AM
Lets just wait till they come out with some more news. There isnt allot that we can do about it. I want to read Matt's blog 5 to. But there will be a reason why he is waiting. So lets wait and see what they are comming with..

03-11-2015, 10:00 AM
I owe alot to atari and the rct series. As weird as that sounds. I have my life as is because of the game. (Having read the topic about how and when u starting playing rct, this is make sense to use)

For those that don't. Long story short. In primary school my friend came over with this game that she wanted to show me. That was the start of our friendship that eventually evolved to dating. To 2 kids and an amazing life.

Please dont let us down

Edit. I was reading that apparently mattlab was online yesterday and spoke to use guys? Can i have a link please lol

03-11-2015, 10:34 AM
Mattlab stated yesterday that it looked like the post was being held up until today due to confirming some last-minute details:

The winds are point to tomorrow than today... Like I said we are waiting on certain details to be confirmed first. That said I do not want to promise a date/time :)

Source: https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.com/showthread.php?2381-MATTLAB-are-you-doing-a-blog-today&p=11701#post11701

I'd rather have Mattlab wait a day to get things right, rather than post false information and make the community more upset

If you want to see all of the messages Mattlab sent yesterday, you can view his recent posts at https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.com/member.php?8-Mattlab