View Full Version : Did news of other games make Atari give up?

03-06-2015, 07:37 AM
So as we all know another company that used to be a key part of RCT is now developing and releasing their own 'similar' game. They have released another game recently which shows the coaster editor and flat ride builder technology they have, which frankly makes an absolute mockery of what is seen in the most recent RCTW trailer.

Also another game currently playable in it's early access stage, has a very good coster editor, and although questionable in many regards as a 'game' has more or less stuck to all the promises made in it's initial trailers.

So I can't help but think that at some point Atari must have realised RCTW competition is too great for their resources, and probably around the time they handed it to a tiny developer like Area52, they basically just gave up trying to compete.

This may seem outrageous but it would make perfect financial sense. If you know you can't compete you have to make as much money out of your franchise as possible. Typically, that's best done by slashing development and production costs and hyping the game using the franchises 'legacy' to sell the final (crappy) game, which people will buy anyway.

It kills the franchise of course, but it is about all you can do financially if you can't afford to make the game you want to.

It would explain the decision to switch to a tiny developer and also the lack of a modern game engine. And also it would explain the lack of engagement with the community. You don't need a community if you're just pushing out one last game to get some cash in and then walk away.

03-06-2015, 08:38 AM
Just to add to the above; I'm not even sure of most people associate RCT3 with Atari or Frontier. I think probably Frontier so that's another issue for Atari in trying to compete now. And sadly another reason to milk the franchise rather than invest in a really good game.