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03-03-2015, 08:35 AM
There have been a lot of rumors flying around that we will get the same old supports. This is almost unprocessable for me. We are 12 years from RCT3 and we can't get new supports? I mean, I've been teaching myself how to se cs for supports since I've been 5 years old. Games like Theme Park Studio and Parkitect, which are being developed by very small companies can make supports that look somewhat like you'd see in a amusement park. The supports they give us wouldn't hold up any modern coaster. Is it a lost cause to try and implant these?

Sorry for sounding negative, but I would be pretty ashamed if I tried to show off a vanilla park and it has these ugly supports. I mean people spend hours trying to make realistic supports. Couldn't you do something about it?

Sorry for being upset again, but I just want this game to be everything we want.

03-03-2015, 09:19 AM
I'm worried about this too.

The problem with node/flexible track in a grid based system like RCTW is that placing CS supports is going to be pretty much impossible. You could only do it in RCT3 because the track itself was grid based.

So hopefully as we're likely going to be stuck with the standard supports, they will be better than RCT3!!! but will never be as good as CS supports placed exactly where you want them of course. Hopefully like TPS you will be able to move the supports along the track manually and change the type of support if you wish.

The last solution is that someone could hack RCT3 to make it auto-generate better support models along the track. If the supports are procedurally generated like the track itself, there must be model files locked away somewhere that a cleverer person than me could break into and improve.

EDIT: The biggest issue we face as hardcore fans of the series is that things like realistic supports really matter to us. Without them we can't make a finished park, end of story. But the majority of people who loved RCT3 and who will buy RCTW actually just like fiddling with coasters for fun and playing the game to win. So whilst there are a million things we want to see in RCTW that we didn't get in RCT3, that doesn't mean its financially important for Atari to include them all. Sad I know, but naturally Atari just want to make a game that sells well to 90% of their target audience. Complicating it further to appeal to the remaining 10% of us may not be that worthwhile (financially speaking).

One way or another I'm sure any short-comings will be addressed by the community as they were in RCT3.

03-03-2015, 09:19 AM
To give you a quick answer, we don't know for sure since we don't have any good footage of rollercoaster (building) yet...

03-03-2015, 09:23 AM
^^ What he said we won't know till we have more definitive pictures or videos.

03-03-2015, 03:24 PM
The box-art was touted as being created using "mostly in-game" assets. The coaster track front and center on the box art uses what appear to be the same ridiculous toothpick supports RCT3 had. Until Atari proves otherwise, then that's the supports I'm assuming the game will have. And as I've said before (and agree with a few posts above me), custom supports will be almost impossible without hacking the coding, as node-based coaster building wouldn't be able to do supports the way we do in RCT3, which is grid-based. The supports just may be a breaking point for me. That's just...absurd if they look similar to RCT3.

03-03-2015, 04:25 PM
It's really a shame. I know it doesn't matter for most people, but Steelworx and Moby kept the game alive all these years.

03-03-2015, 07:07 PM
Ugh, RCT3 supports.

I have a feeling those supports are translating over into the new game. I mean, they could have included anything in the box art... Why they would choose such unrealistic supports?

Have they ever seen a roller coaster in real life?!

03-03-2015, 07:08 PM
Well In a previous BP they said that you will be able to toggle from the grid based system and the node system. So custom supports are still very much possible, just not with the node mode enabled.

03-03-2015, 10:41 PM
the supports don't bother me. i respect your guys opinions though

03-04-2015, 02:34 AM
not being able to custom support or at least having realistic prefab supports is a deal breaker for me. its really a shame...

03-05-2015, 09:22 AM
the supports don't bother me. i respect your guys opinions though I was that way in RCT1 RCT2. RCT3's were very annoying.

03-05-2015, 10:00 AM
It's not so nice, but hopely they make the support better.