View Full Version : Horrible crash.... extremely frustrating

02-25-2015, 02:19 AM

this problem started i believe 5 days ago. the screen would go gray as soon as i logged in. after 2 days, the game would log in and i could see the entrance of my park, but it immediately crashes before i can move around the park or collect coins.

not only is this super frustrating, but i bought 55 tickets while they were on sale, and its irritating that within an hour i wasn't able to log into the game. i tried contacting Atari twice to no avail.

I noticed yesterday that when i log in, my stadium is sitting on top of my entrance. i don't know how this happened, but i think this is why the app keeps shutting down.

My member ID is 5BHBHU . There's a stadium with 4 or 5 flags at the far left of the park, which is named "Andrade". My facebook ID is 787539096.

I would love some help!

Thanks in advance. Here is a pic from the game crashed. Notice the bench on top of the stadium? And whatever is overlapping the stadium on the corner? It's because the stadium is not supposed to be there.


05-11-2015, 03:45 PM

I would like to advise you to send a support ticket at http://support.atari.com/. For better assistance, please provide them with the following information:

• Which device is affected (model/type)
• Operating system of the device
• Tycoon Code (found in the friends section)
• Version of the game that you are running
• How often does it happen?
• Steps to Reproduce

Thank you for playing!