View Full Version : Disappearing Rides, Money, Unhappy People

01-23-2015, 11:10 AM
Hello there,

I just wanted to address an Issue that's really annoying. A few days ago I built a Ride and paid nearly 200k Coins for it. I then went to check on my park a few hours later and the ride was gone! My money was gone and where I placed the ride wasnt anything. I never got it back!

Also this Morning I had 150k Coins, I saved up for a ride for 250k so I know I haven't spent anything. Just know I entered the game again and my Coins are on 10k ?!?

A while ago I built a really big RollerCoaster and everything was fine, then a few days ago my customers in my park started to have mad faces in their emotion box, it says 'This attraction is so sick... so am I' so I thought it might be the coaster and sold it, but 20% off all People in my park still running around with a mad face saying the same. I then realized it happened right after I placed a specific attraction so I tried to build a first Aid rooms and restrooms next to it but nothing changed! Everyones running around with a mad face!

Any fix for this? Thanks

02-24-2015, 09:09 AM
I just spend $750k on a space shuttle. The next day it disappeared and all my money was still gone!! So frustrating. Did anyone else find a fix? This is so ridiculous