View Full Version : How to make terraforming work better than in rct3.

01-16-2015, 10:09 PM
with the new terraformer being added to RCTW i would like to address some problems (and solutions) to the old terraformer. to start the old terraformer would mess up your paths and structures if you happened to brush by them. this was a huge frustration because there is no way to undo. so to solve this i believe any scenery objects should not be able to manipulated by the terraformer moving the land, in fact any land tile that a path or scenery object (other than trees)is on should not be able to move.

a feature in theme park studio that i adore is the ability to set the land to raise or lower to the object selected. each individual scenery or path has the option to automatically pull the land up or sink down so the land is actually supporting the path for example. the problem in rct3 is that the land dictates what happens to objects and i think that the land should be "morphing" around what you place. i hated fighting the terraformer in rct3 and often don't use it. I highly suggest that RCTW devs look into this feature in TPS and try to use it in this new game... ( i apologize for posting in the incorrect forum)