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04-08-2017, 11:23 AM
I have an I7 3.4 GHz processor, 16 Gigs ram and GTX 1070 graphics card. I was on the Crash Coarse scenario. I had:
- Modified the starting coaster per tutorial
- Added medium sized paths to the coaster with some benches, trash cans and lights.
- Added Slingshot flat ride and opened
- Added 1 drink and 1 burger stand near entrance to coaster
- Added carousel flatride and opened
- Added mechanic stall with one mechanic open
- Added janitor stall with 2 janitors open
- Added Mexican restaurant near entrance open
- Added bugmania junior coaster (but with no paths and not opened yet)
- Added approx 15 trees and bushes
game was not paused
closed starting coaster and clicked to edit the track
the coaster entered edit mode with green nodes showing, but game froze at that point and would not respond
sound continued to play. I waited 15 min for game to respond but it would not. Total peeps in park was 313 and date was Nov 5, year 2. Had to close program.

I actually restarted and tried the scenario again. This time I had added nothing. Modified the coaster track several times and tested after each time. Modified and tested probably about 10 times or so and the game crashed again. I don't recall if I had clicked to modify the track or if I had clicked on test when it crashed (probably modify).

Another Issue I have is that when I start the game the resume option no longer is selectable. This happened a while ago after a crash on another scenario. When I opened the game back up the resume tab no longer worked. I have been playing since Alpha stage. At this point there really should not be this many crashes. Another similar game NEVER crashes on me even with very large parks and many peeps. Getting close to throwing in the towel here. SAD. I have even written a good review on Steam, but tired of working on a park just to lose everything due to a crash. When the game doesn't crash I enjoy it (despite the way paths still work as far as creating curved paths). Just can't invest more time with it only to lose progress if I haven't saved after each addition to the park.

04-26-2017, 01:50 PM

Please send a support ticket at http://support.atari.com/ so that we can better assist you. Access the site and click on “Submit a help request”, select “Technical Support”, fill in your information and click on submit.

Thank you for playing!