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03-23-2017, 05:40 AM
To add friends, go to any RCT touch facebook or forum and add those people to your facebook friends they will show up in the game.

Honk your car horns 100 times
Listen to 1000 bubbles

Put your entrance fee to maximum, keep rides at good value

Don't build it all, save like 10 small rides and 10 small decorations with large range.
This way you can finish a lot of missions, after reaching the mission remove the buildings and decorations.

-Sell your information centers to increase your general satisfaction, increase your visitors, and triple your profits on each stand

- If your visitors complain about the lack of toilets while they are all close, it is that you have at least one attraction in the vicinity that have +40 nausea. Lower this number or sell the booth to solve the problem definitively.

- To collect money quickly from all your stands (especially for missions), cut the road at the entrance to your park, and all your businesses will collect the money automatically.
After that pick up some rides and place them back again, this will make the simulation recalculate and make satisfaction go back up faster( it will drop a bit aftee you do this)
Don't wait too long to reconnect the paths.
If your mission is to collect 500 buildings, you can repeat this trick several times, leave a bit of time between it to gain some coins per ride.

- If your bug game very often and crash application is that you have a lot of booth in your park. These are bugs in the game .. The only temporary solution is to remove some facilities to avoid overloading the memory processing of the game (an update will be available in 2 weeks)
The game uses much internal memory( not storage) empty your cache, close all other apps that are running in background.

- You can choose your missions: Before finishing a mission, disconnect from facebook in the game (menu settings). Validate the mission, a new one appears. If you do not like it, reconnect it to facebook, and it will offer you to keep the backup on your device, or to load the facebook backup. Reload the facebook backup and you will end up at the point before committing to the mission. Repeat until the mission is "easy". Useful to increase level quickly and collect a maximum of tickets

- Decoration of your park does not matter. At best this will increase overall satisfaction by 2%. So put the decoration of your park as last priority in the design.

To finish the mission fix X many rides, simply do not collect from a group of rides for a while.