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01-05-2017, 07:59 AM

My Android version is failing to launch?
On Android 6.x devices, permissions are required to read the games data files. On first installation you need to allow the Storage Permission (Settings / Apps / RCT Classic / Permissions). The game only uses this to access it's data, despite the OS message saying otherwise.

My Android device is not compatible?
RCT Classic needs a minimum resolution of 960x640 to fit all the necessary UI onscreen. It will work on devices running Android OS4.0.4 onwards.

Installed to another device but my InApp Purchases aren't showing?
If you install the game to another device using the same Apple ID that you purchased the game and any InApp Purchases with, you can restore their status by going to the Upgrades screen (+ from the Main Menu) and choosing Restore Purchases. On GooglePlay this process is automatic when the game has loaded.


How do I save the park while playing, or return to the title screen?
Tap the Pause button in the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up the file options and Quit button.

Is there a way to more accurately select guests or rides on a very small screen?
Yes – hold a finger on the maingame view for a second and a mini-magnify window pops up showing whatis immediately below your finger. This mini-magnify window can then be dragged around to identify guests or rides, and releasing yourfinger over a guest or ride will select them.

Why can’t I charge an entry fee for some parks?
Some parks like Forest Frontiers allow you to charge individually for rides and so don’t allow charging for park entry (guests don’t like being charged to ride if they’ve already paid to enter the park). Other parks like Evergreen Gardens do allow a park entry fee to be charged, however in these parks all the rides must be free to ride.

Is there a sandbox mode?
If you have the Toolkit upgrade the Park Scenario Editor can be used to create a large sandbox-like Park Scenario – there’s even an option in the editor to switch the park to a non-financial structure where everything is free. The Toolkit upgrade also includes the Ride Designer, which allows allride types to be freely built, themed, and tested in a prototyping environment before being saved as Ride Designs to use in your parks.

How do I fix vandalism?
Vandalized benches, lamps, and other footpath-related items must be replaced individually with new ones, but there’s a shortcut to help locate and replace them. Open the scenery construction window and select any path-related item (e.g. a bench), then tap the “Locate and repair vandalism” button shaped like a spanner – This highlights all vandalized items on the current view in red. While in this mode tapping a vandalized item gives you the option to replace it with a brand new identical item.

When selecting a flat ride in the “NewRides” list why does it often state “Custom-designed layout”?
Most rides in RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic can be built as a “custom-designed layout” –track-based rides allow a fully-customized track layout while flat rides only allow custom-positioning of the entrance and exit. These rides can have their Ride Design saved complete with any nearby scenery/themeing once the ride has been built and tested, and their Ride Designs are then available to build through the New Rides interface.

How do I save a Ride Design to use in another park?
Most rides can be saved as a RideDesign which not only includes the layout and any customizations you’ve made to the ride but also any nearby scenery, themeing and footpaths/queue lines. To save a ride as a Ride Design make sure theride has been successfully tested and then go to the “Measurements and test data” page of the ride’s information window – Once the test data has been generated the design can be saved by tapping the “Save Ride Design” button. Then the next time you select the same type of ride in the New Rides window the Ride Design will appear inthe list for that ride type.

How do I delete a Saved Park or RideDesign?
Saved Park and Ride Design files can be deleted or renamed by holding a finger on the file name while viewing the list of files on the saving or loading interface. For example to delete a Saved Park select “Load Saved Park” on the title screen then hold a finger on the park you wish to delete – a menu will pop up giving you the option to delete or rename the file.To delete a Ride Design file you need to be viewing a list of Ride Design files while saving a new Ride Design from the game.

Is there a quick way to change view options without having to pause the game?
Hold a finger on the globe icon at top right of screen until the view options appear, then either tap again in the same place to toggle underground view, or tap a different entry to toggle other view options.


How does progress sharing between devices work?
Progress through the 95 park scenarios is copied between devices logged into the same account on both. For iOS your iCloud account (if iCloud Drive is enabled), and for Android your GooglePlay account. When you complete a park scenario on one device it’s also marked as complete on the other device, and the same parks should become unlocked on both devices. Only your progress is transferred – saved parks themselves are not transferred automatically between devices. Note: progress is only per platform, you cannot transfer progress states between iOS and Android.

Can I transfer a Saved Park or Ride Design to/from someone playing on another device?
Yes. This requires the Import/Exportfeature which is part of the Toolkit upgrade. To transfer a Saved Park or Ride Design use the Export option in the Toolkit to email the file to the other device as an attachment. On the receiving device open the email and tap the attachment to open it in RollerCoasterTycoon Classic, then follow the in-game prompts. Note that saved parks may not be accessible if the park scenario they’re saved from hasn’t been unlocked yet on the receiving device.

Can I import Saved Parks, Park Scenarios, and Ride Designs from the PC game RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?
Most Saved Parks, Park Scenarios, and Ride Designs created with the original RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 PC game should work in RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, however to import them you will need the Import/Export feature which is part of the Toolkit upgrade. To import, email the files to your device then tap the attachment in the email to import it into the game. Note that only RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 files are compatible, not files from the earlier RollerCoaster Tycoon game.

Can I export Saved Parks, Park Scenarios, and Ride Designs from RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic to the PC game RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?
Most Saved Parks, Park Scenarios, and Ride Designs from RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic should load into the PC game RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, however not all will load due to some enhanced features which are incompatible with RollerCoasterTycoon 2.