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12-16-2016, 08:14 PM
Anyone else been having issues with loading and saving own blueprints?

Had a number of crashes on PxP around this issue. It's an old issue which I have a feeling hasn't been fixed. Anyone care to shed some light on whether this is going to be fixed?

12-16-2016, 08:36 PM
Yes I tried to make a blueprint and the game turned very slow and finally crashed

12-17-2016, 10:03 AM
Yes I tried to make a blueprint and the game turned very slow and finally crashed

It appeared last night that the game crashed while trying to save a pxp blueprint. Then when I tried to save the blueprint again under the same name there was no "Do you want to overwrite" message.

I had two files that I could see the thumbnail for under the same name. Neither would load without crashing the game.

1. What I suggest people do should this happen to you is save blueprints under different file names ie: filenamev1, filenamev2 etc

And only once you are completely happy with the build. DON'T try and overwrite the same file name as it simply won't work.

2. The other tip is to have a sandbox mode which is all your building for PXP and use that to save all your buildings. IF and it is a big IF that should save properly without crashing your PXP should be safe. Perferrably use several sandbox modes one for each building so not to loose massive of work.

3. Get yourself a shortcut to the folder RollerCoaster Tycoon World found via "This PC/ Local Disk (C)/ Users/ Username/ AppData/ LocalLow/ Nvizzio Creations/ RollerCoaster Tycoon World" (NOTE: Paths may vary depending on your independant systems)

In that folder you will have "EntityGroupBlueprints" and "PieceByPieceBlueprints" these are the two folders that you should be aware of when experiencing issues with conflicts or corrupt files for PXP.

4. "EntityGroupBlueprints" is any PXP you have built and grouped multiple buildings together. So if you have created a building and added it to another then this is where the file goes.

"PieceByPieceBlueprints" is the folder where all non grouped buildings will go.

In either or both files look for multiples of the same file name. For example




Delete both sets of the duplicated files from your harddrive. And then restart the sandbox mode that has your buildings in. Resave the blueprints (once you are happy with them and got the back to where they were before the crash) under a new file name.

Hopefully that should resolve any conflicts in the game.

As for why the crash happened in the first place well you tell me....

I hope that helps people.

The same process could also work for issues around Rollercoaster Blueprints but I believe they will be stored in a different file.