View Full Version : Oh My

12-11-2016, 04:51 PM
First of all I really love this game. To get around it is much easier Then PC. I like the way they sey up the paths here RCTW. But guys that is where it kind of stops when you look at apples and apples. RCTW can boast when they beat PC in releasing our game first. PC has a tool to dig tunnels. I think they have 24 different coasters to choose from. They have water rides and trains also monorail system in place. I didn't look else where like Kid rides of family rides or thrill rides. But if you want to pound your chest because you released the game first then you should be at least able to stay up with them or show more improvement then you had. Right now I would say RCTW has really a lot to catch up with PC to further pound their chest. Like I said the first thing is I really love this game But come on RCTW get with the game please!! I mean not only in the game but the people that bought the game in good faith gets the help they deserve.
Please start to update soon and to keep up with PC it is going to have to be a big update. As long as I am going how about different Sandbox. I mean like different scenery And Starting with the entrance building texture or shape or blank and let us build our own. Please don't let up and keep the people that have stuck you something to be proud of. Maybe make a panel of the people you have here and get a poll what they want to see.