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10-28-2016, 12:13 AM
If anybody from Atari or Nvizzio has answers to any of these questions, that would be awesome if you reply! This is going to be quite a long post though, get ready.

I will preface this post by saying, yes, I do support performance>content, but with a soon release, and massive amounts of content still missing, that seems to take a backseat. Unless they are going to truly continue working on RCTW after release, I'd rather we get as much content crammed in asap to extend the game's life.

So with a "soon" full release, this raises a plethora of questions about game content and functionality. I am going to skip over the obvious question of "when is the actual release date?". That question is going to be answered #soon by Atari, so I'm not going to waste my time on it. I will be going off the assumption of an early December/pre-Christmas release.

1. Is the #soon release date a matter of "we think the game is almost done", "we are alarmingly low on funds", or just another seasonal cash-grab attempt like last year?
I honestly don't see how anybody at Atari or Nvizzio can truly believe in their hearts that the game is near completion, or at a point that it fulfills players' expectations. I believe there are many people working on this game that do want to make it the "greatest RCT experience ever". So I personally have to rule out that first option. This might be a little bit of a sensitive matter, but I do think releasing soon is directly tied to financial reasons (not that that's a bad thing). The #1 reason this game exists is to make a profit, I understand that. It only seems if they'd wait longer (if they can financially afford to), it would pay off eventually. We all know the big competitor is releasing very soon as well, and we all know how both of these games are generally perceived by the gaming community. To me, it would benefit them to not try and compete with a similar release date this year. Sadly, I fear this game would likely be smashed sales-wise by the other. Yes, Atari would still rake in a nice sum, but nothing compared to if they were to wait till say Christmas 2017 to release, when there are no other large same-genre games coming out. This is also very late to start up an effective advertising campaign. Waiting would give them plenty of time to hype up the game as much as possible.
They could also be releasing because they are in dire straits financially; cannot rule that out. If that's the case, then fine, do what you have to do, but I'm still not going to like it.
2. Will Atari still have Nvizzio (or any developer) be working on the game after release?
This is really multiple questions in one. Are they planning on it now? Or are they going to wait and see how initial sales do first? We can all agree the game still needs tons of work, and as I said, I believe the makers probably do too. So if we do get more "things" after official release, what will they be? More free content (that was promised for EA)? Just bug fixes and patches? Expansion packs? We can really only just wait and see. If it's financially positive for them, I'm sure Atari will keep going with this game as long as they can.
Speaking of missing content...
3. Will we get all of the features promised during Early Access?
Will we? If so, will it be included for full release? After? It really boggles the mind that, after the rollercoaster of development and communication this game has gone through, Atari would give one final, big slap-in-the-face to all the fans who stuck through it all, and just completely ignore trying to deliver the content we were assured of when Early Access was announced. I'm not going to go into detail of what all they are still missing from that list; I and others have already done that in other threads. I'll just leave a link to the original blog post with the list instead: https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.com/showthread.php?9945-RCTW-Blog-30-RollerCoaster-Tycoon-World-Coming-to-Steam-Early-Access!
Inspect for yourself what we are still missing, and push Atari to hold to their word!
The possibility of them backtracking on their words concerning this makes my blood boil more than anything else on this list.
4. Will we get any additional features for free or paid? Multiplayer anyone??
Multiplayer was one of the biggest selling points to me when I originally found out about this game 2+ years ago. For the longest time it was still listed in their features section on the official game page. When Early Access started, it suddenly disappeared, and was mentioned by no one. I asked Nookriot a few weeks ago during a stream if it was still on the table, and he said it was being discussed. With the new blog post (Oct 27th), it once again was not mentioned as being part of full release. So unless Atari surprises us, it seems it's not going to happen. It seems more likely it could be a post-launch feature, but again, post-launch content is up in the air as far as we know.
However, will there be any other features added that weren't guaranteed to be in EA?
-Water Rides
-More flatrides
-Underground building mode
-More types of terrain (4-5 is a joke)
-Controllable guests (while in peep-cam mode)
-In-game custom guest creator
-Security Guards
-User-placed ride entrances/exits
-User-placed park entrance/multiple entrances
-Different types of parking lots/animated
-Additional themes (4 is a joke)
-Unthemed versions of flatrides
-Additional ride music selection (5 is a joke)
-Additional entertainer costumes (4-5 is a joke)
The list goes on...and on...but all of these things I have seen fans beg for and request for months, and in some cases well over a year. The sad thing is most of these features have been in the RCT series since the very first game, over 17 years ago. Yet we are on the cusp of release, and don't have confirmation nor even an official "NO" on any of them.
Some of these features I could understand being saved for an expansion or even DLC, but the majority should be in there at launch. Having as much as possible at launch would by far be the best option for players, as, again, we have no guarantee of post-launch content. (Not even gonna go into the whole DLC debate stuff.)

I can't think of any more questions at the moment, but I'm sure I will (and everyone else, feel free to add). The point of this post is not to just ask questions that likely won't be answered, but to make it absolutely clear to Atari that I, and the majority of the community, are sick of being left in the dark, and we are sick of them trying to rush this game out the door incomplete. It's been 12+ years since the last game, and a disappointment is not what we expect. I can't find the "greatest RCT experience ever" quote that I thought Mattlab had said, but I'll end with this:

"Our primary focus is and always has been making sure we release the best possible game. We have exacting standards - RCTW must stay true to the franchise, be of AAA quality, and please our most dedicated fans, along with those who have yet to discover the magic of RCT."
"We will not release the game until we know that it is truly ready. If the game needs to be “put back into the oven,” then we will do it. We have waited for more than 10 years for the next great edition of RCT, and we plan to take the franchise to new heights with RCTW. We will take the time required to achieve that goal... ...The team needs the time to craft the experience that so many of you have been waiting so patiently for."
"It has been more than 10 years since the last PC RCT game and we are committed to releasing an amazing AAA game that lays a new foundation for the future of the franchise. Game development is a journey and it is not without its bumps in the road."

Bitter Jeweler
10-28-2016, 02:10 AM
Food for thought... It took 6 months to get the ability to move rocks up and down.
Now look at your list. :rolleyes:

10-28-2016, 07:04 AM
Looks like "we are alarmingly low on funds and release it after fixing the worst bugs with the current features. If the game doesn't sale well, it's unlikely that we can continue to develop new features or DLCs."

10-28-2016, 09:56 PM
When you remember that Atari actually thought this game was acceptable for full release last year and pretended to act surprised when people asked if they were being serious should be all we need to know.

Just think. This is after people begged Atari not to release the game.


A year later and they haven't figured out how to make recolorable flatrides? Yeah, let's not hold our breath for literally anything else on that list (they've already said that rides will not have placeable entrances and exits, buddy. That's a deal-breaker for me). So to answer your first question, yes the reason the game is going to be released #soon is because 1) financial reasons, as surely Atari has sunk way more money into this than anticipated, and 2) Nvizzio just doesn't have the ability or know-how to deliver the game the fans hoped for no matter how much longer they delay full release. They might be a very eager and well-meaning studio, but they're unfortunately in over their heads with an undertaking like an RCT game in 2016 which is why this game has a very "mobile app-game" feel to it... that is what their experience is.

And so personally, I am bracing for a full release in November, maybe one more update in 2016, and then... radio silence forever.

10-30-2016, 06:30 PM
At this point I'm fully in agreement with your points, sadly. Something shockingly good could still come to light, but I'm not holding my breath.

10-30-2016, 06:32 PM
Food for thought... It took 6 months to get the ability to move rocks up and down.
Now look at your list. :rolleyes:

Lmao, that's scary to think about.

Looks like "we are alarmingly low on funds and release it after fixing the worst bugs with the current features. If the game doesn't sale well, it's unlikely that we can continue to develop new features or DLCs."

Hoping so badly that's not the case, but my gut tells me otherwise.