View Full Version : UGC and Speed.

09-20-2016, 01:53 PM
Hi all, im watching my tone. Its just a quick post to give some of you who are not sure of how polygon count works. im referring to the numerous posts of great UGC, some of them are great but as for the average user, you have to be aware that these great looking UGC, will cost you in frame rate and load times, due to the nature of the beast (ie. PC's memory, and Htz) its fine to use all these great scenery items to make your parks look cool , but you must realize its a trade off between lots and lots of assets and frame rate, this does not just apply to RCTW and there use of the unity engine, but all software (either in house or rented) so just be aware the more assets and polys you want in your park the more frames you are going to lose.