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08-01-2016, 12:26 PM
Welcome to the park, the Kirby Park. What is a Kirby Park, you say? Well, Kirby Park is a brand new RCT3 park created around Nintendo's lovable and cute franchise known as Kirby. All of the rides, from the roller coasters to the water slides to the shows are based off of characters in the Kirby franchise from the main characters to the littlest known characters like Gooey. We only have one ride as of this post, but more is soon to come as we continue building the park.

Our first ride is called Whispy Forest, based off, of course, Whispy Woods. It is a wooden roller coaster that takes you through the forest named Whispy Forest. Also here is a mountain, which the coaster carves into after the climb.


We also have a POV ready to go for you to enjoy.


Stay tuned for more updates to the park, such as more rides, ride fixes and removals, etc. You can also suggest things that you want to see added, fixed, or removed from the park.

EDIT: Park Update
So, I have decided that the park will be split into 7 sections (Parks), with each section being based off of the worlds from Kirby's Adventure/Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland

- Section A: Vegetable Valley (Forest-kinda focused area, rides are based off of the basic characters of Kirby)
- Section B: Ice Cream Island (Is on a...well...island. Has a more tropical feel, with a tiny selection of water rides.)
- Section C: Butter Building (This area is more focused on indoor rides.)
- Section D: Grape Garden (Rides are all about air-time)
- Section E: Yogurt Yard (Kids area)
- Section F: Orange Ocean (Full-on Water Park area)
- Section G: Rainbow Resort (Rides are focused on the big-time bosses of the Kirby series, most notably King Dedede and Meta Knight.)

Each section also has one ride based off of their boss from KA.