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05-24-2016, 01:07 AM
Welcome to Coastal Forest, which classified as a coaster prototype park.

Thank you for stopping by, we are not responsible for accident, which includes food pois..... ahem! Well...

Originally planned to be a coaster only environment, management was force to react upon financials need and quickly set up a few flat rides to be able to keep attracting new visitors. This park focus on economics studies, for a full out (very boring!)report, to be published, about this subject.

Graphics are in full mode, still is early access(release 5), a work in progress both for me and NIZZIO/Atari. This park will have a short life. Learning advanced coasters building(all custom) and game economics(which will need extensive review - very unreal)

Enjoy your visit. At the time of this post, park is 50% built, reaching the 100 hours game play mark. 7 coasters are up, as POV are included in park visit. Introduction is in three parts this series is to last 6 episodes:

Episode 001 - Starting fresh:


Episode 002 - Coast lovers:


You visiting my park and leaving comments below is highly appreciated.

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05-24-2016, 05:57 AM
An awesome park!
Especially your coasters I enjoy :)

Keep up the great building!

05-24-2016, 11:32 AM
The Sun comes up in the morning, sets down at night, repeat, forever...

Thank you for watching Coastal Forest:

Episode 003 - From here to eternity:


05-25-2016, 06:06 AM
I love the amount of trees you use in your park. Makes every turn in your coaster feel like a surprise. :)

05-26-2016, 06:23 AM
Happy you like it. I know I enjoy planting a forest of trees, much more than planting a garden of flowers bed.

Best part is of course, roller coasters, gotta love that forest of supports. Am I missing a support killer?

Please return for part 2 of this park soon.

05-26-2016, 08:58 PM
Looks good! :)

05-27-2016, 09:01 AM
Welcome on board Roscoe,

Glad you made it here and that your second message is to my creation. Happy that you like it, this park is at 50% completion, please visit again, comments are appreciated.

Have a nice day.

06-22-2016, 05:27 AM
This park is now closed, completed with final failure, based on 30 year old rides, providing no new interest and cannot replace costers with saved blueprint, scenery too tight and dense to allow it.

I must admit I have requested harder economics, got to watch what you wish for, the park went bankrupt.

06-22-2016, 06:48 AM
That's sad :/
I hope you will find inspiration for a new Park!