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05-09-2016, 03:28 AM
Hello again everyone, I hope we're all doing alright! So it's been around 13 Days since I lost my park and it's safe to say I'm still haven't emotional break downs about it, Yet life still carrys on. The hope of SOME ON ACTUALLY REPLYING TO THESE FORM POSTS SO I DONT HAVE TO KEEP POSTING THESE is the only thing that keeps me going through the day. I had some Weetabix for breakfast today with little chocolate chips in them. It's also very warm and that's a weird thing for England. Well this has been my daily report and hey you never know maybe someone will actually reply to this one with a solution on how to get my beloved Park back.

Best Regards

05-13-2016, 10:30 AM

We sincerely apologize for the delay, please provide us with your park details and we will forward this information to our technicians so that they can search for your lost park.

Thank you!