View Full Version : Rct4 park lost

05-08-2016, 05:29 AM
Hi its me Tom.. Again, I know im like a cockroach you cant get rid off. So I still have lost my park, its like day 12 now... And I still havent been given a reply ;-; besides that one gothic guy who felt nothing but pain, yet if i'm honest he wasnt much help (But atleast he wrote a god dam reply, yeah i'm looking at u reading this right now who hasn't left a reply. Selfish git). Anway so I might start posting daily in hope of getting reply from an admit :l but eh we shall see.

Best Regards
Tom ;D

05-13-2016, 10:29 AM

We sincerely apologize for the delay, please provide us with your park details and we will forward this information to our technicians so that they can search for your lost park.

Thank you!