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04-26-2016, 12:48 PM
Share pictures and ideas here, to inspire UGC content creators on their upcoming projects!

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04-26-2016, 12:53 PM
Coaster safety nets & net wall mounts.

This prevents accidental loose items from falling onto your guests.





04-27-2016, 02:41 AM
JMR Import this into UGC for us. :)

04-28-2016, 03:04 PM
Coaster safety nets & net wall mounts.

This prevents accidental loose items from falling onto your guests.

I made a fairly simple safety net model yesterday. It will fit over a medium sized path and is grid compatible (the poles will naturally clip into each other). The supports sink into the ground so it can be raised a fair amount above a path before it appears to "float". Its starting height is low enough to beneath the coaster track where it connects to the station.


It is a pretty basic model, no fun physics to make it bounce or anything. It does have a very high vertex count, although I haven't seen a performance hit even with 40+ of them in an established park but your results may differ. So until someone makes a better solution (or an official Nvissio set) I hope you enjoy this one :D


04-28-2016, 05:12 PM
Nice job the Safety Nets. i will use this for my coasters lift hills as well as the paths.

04-29-2016, 06:20 PM
would someone be able to put some foliage and vines etc in UGC?

04-29-2016, 06:29 PM
Wants for UGC.

Pirate sets like on PC with similar choice of windows and shutters.
An Aztec temple piece by piece to form a pyramid.
Big wooden fences to go in with a pirate or adventure theme.
A western piece by piece set.
Bamboo fences.
Animate pirate ship like RCT3 with firing cannons.
Firing cannons.
Pirates of the Caribbean animated characters. Drinkers, dancers as in ride at Disney World and characters that pop out of barrels.
Maybe water explosion water jets (like a cannon ball falling into water.)