View Full Version : Why do the placed peeps inside a UGC have no texture ingame?

04-25-2016, 08:11 PM
Hello Guys,

i have a problem with some textures. I placed some premade peeps from RCTW into an object (prefab) and set the whole scene up. Every light, particle, animation and texture was shown correctly. But not the texture of the peeps. They looked magenta. So i double checked everything, and the peeps texture was an .tga. I thought maybe RCTW can't read TGA's. I saved it as an .jpeg and relinked it in the inspector. Saved it again and reloaded it. Nothing changed. After that i searched for a .obj exporter for unity 5 and i got nothing. Nothing for free, just something for 80€. If i could export it, i would retexture it in Cinema 4D. But that would mean, that i couldn't animate the peeps again after a .obj exchange. By the way RCTW published the peeps as an skeleton. This is an amazing feature, because we can animate every part of the body including the fingers.

Maybe somebody is a Unity professional and knows more about this problem. Thanks!