View Full Version : Color Chooser for UGC

04-25-2016, 12:16 PM
Hey Guys,

is it possible to add a color chooser like we have now for the coasters?

Thanks for your answers.

Greets Coasterfreak

04-28-2016, 02:09 PM
It was possible for RTC 3, But i don't think that its implemented right now but if they add that UGC creators has to support it then otherwise it won't work that was also in RCT 3.

Greets RCTWUltraFan

05-02-2016, 10:14 AM
Thanks for your reply.
If we would have this option it would be really cool. It would make the UGC more reuseable.

Let's hope that they implement something like that.

Greets Coasterfreak

05-02-2016, 02:30 PM
I'd very much like to have in-game multi-zone-per-object colorizing options on pretty much everything (balloons, umbrellas, & other peep-buyables, UGC, game-originated rides, path items, etc) -- the ability to switch out an object's texture is great, but it doesn't really replace the ability to colorize gray-scale textures. It would also be less resource-intensive -- if I'm color-coding my themes (black/white/red for the Pirate area, green/orange/black for The Jungle, copper/verdigris for Alien Atlantis, purple/black/green for Spook Central, white/blue/red for the Marina) it's a lot easier to take an object with a grayscale texture and a few colorizable zones (at least three, five would be better) and recolor it for each themed area, than for me to work up an appropriately-colored texture for that object for each area and load them all into the game, multiplied by all the objects I'm going to use.

I'm hoping to recreate a Swamp Goo tile in RCTW and I've got an animated tiling texture worked up -- right now its got the colors of the original Swamp Goo, but I'd love to do it in grayscale and use it for tubs of hot chocolate or vats of different toxic goops. This'll be a lot easier with in-game multi-zone-per-object colorizing options.