View Full Version : Um, hey.

04-15-2016, 11:01 AM
Um, hey, I'm Cheeyev, and I'm new to the forums, although I'm not new to the RCT series. I've been playing it for a few years now, and I can easily say I love the franchise. With RCTW, I can't really say as I haven't tried it out yet, although I have bought the game and I plan to play it soon, likely when it's in a better state, as it's pretty buggy from what I've heard and seen.
As with RCTW in its current state, well, all I can say is that at least there was some progess on it, especally in comparison to the first trailer, although I'm hoping that it'll improve vastly soon.
As for what else to say, well, I'm not sure what exactly I should say, so, uh, hello community, I guess.

04-15-2016, 11:15 AM
Welcome to the community, Cheeyev. :)

04-17-2016, 09:49 AM
Hey Cheeyev, welcome to the community of RollerCoaster Tycoon! Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us for the ride! Enjoy your time here with us and with the game! :)