View Full Version : 1192945 hours until build complete

04-05-2016, 03:39 AM

I build a railway line a few days ago and some of my stations have a build time of 1192945 hours. Funnily though, the stations still work fine, it's just annoying that they don't look built.

If you can fix this from your end, that would be great.

Also, when I try to reduce the build time of any amusement or shops by watching the video, the build time reduces, but when I log back it, it has returned to where it started.


04-28-2017, 02:45 PM

Please send a support ticket at http://support.atari.com/ so that we can better assist you. Access the site and click on “Submit a help request”, select “Technical Support”, fill in your information and click on submit.

Thank you for playing!