View Full Version : Hot to Update UGC Object?

04-03-2016, 04:29 PM
i ask me how i can Update my own UGC Object?
As example: If i have make a simple Object like a Cube or so and have Placed it Ingame and now i Update my Cube with ex. Rounded Edges and Import it with the same Values again then the Game says the Object was not found anymore i need to Abo it. WHAT THE F***?

Now... How i can Update my Object in the Steam Workshop? Current ever User needs to Delete the Old Object from there Park and Abo the Object new or what? OMG!

Come on and Fix that fast then the UGC is the only 1 at the Time why the Game exists current on the Harddrive!

PS: I have read the Wiki but it does not work!

04-03-2016, 05:04 PM
Same issue with the UGC. I wanted to upload some into my game from steam but it's not showing in the UGC in the game. Also a little unsure how to start generating my own UGC work as the trailer video that I saw showed it happening so easily and that there were a link in your 3d software to the game.

Personally I don't think that aspect is quite working yet as the current version is more for people to get a general feel for the game with regars to layout of menus etc.

I am sure it will change over time.

I am particular interested in changing some of the textures to make the park more realistic.

I also want a blank rollercoaster station so I can build my own indoor ride and my own designs for stations.

Maybe we will get an update soon that will add all this stuff.

On one video I saw apparently you will be able to change the design of your people. Not seen this as yet. I imagine a sims style design aspect to come as an add on.