View Full Version : goal won't complete

03-30-2016, 12:34 AM
I can't get the goal called 'moving on up' to complete. It says to build a roller coaster no more than 60 feet high in steel, titanium, or carbon. I built a steel coaster but it did not complete. Then I built a titanium coaster, trying to keep hills low (I thought maybe the first was too tall, but see no way to tell height on a custom coaster). Then I built a small steel coaster with no hills at all. Still no complete. I don't have room for any of the pre-built ones. I tried to submit a ticket to tech support and my ticket would not submit.

04-05-2016, 11:45 AM

If your account is linked to GameCenter or Google + please try reinstalling the game. Once you have reinstalled the game it will ask you if you want to keep the new game or load the old game. Please select the option to load the old game if you want to continue with the level you had.

Thank you for playing!