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  1. Forum Games
  2. Features You love
  3. What would you like to see in the next screenshot(s)?
  4. Why the lack of information?
  5. What would people like the trailer to be like?
  6. Special feeling
  7. tilted tracks !!
  8. Biggest Worries For RollerCoaster Tycoon World
  9. Recreations
  10. Can we expect a blog post with release date this week ??
  11. Some Intressting note's
  12. Hello, are the track builder controls improved?
  13. Is there going to be a sandbox mode?
  14. RCTW Teaser Trailer removed from the RCT YouTube Channel
  15. Can we aspect a blog post today
  16. Fireworks and shows in RCT World?
  17. Blog #14 Pre-Discussion (Date + Expectations)
  18. Pre-Order: Yes or No?
  19. But.. Will WE get to see gameplay footage early August?
  20. Without Trailer
  21. Making Videos on Pax prime And Gamescom
  22. PS4 version of the game?
  23. PC Specs?
  24. Demo?
  25. General feature discussion of RCTW
  26. What would you be willing to pay for RCTW?
  27. It's being wrote
  28. Blog #15 Pre-Discussion (Date + Expectations)
  29. PC Specs Question (High-end Gaming Specs Request)
  30. Release date will be announced in SEPTEMBER !!!!
  31. Random Maps
  32. Getting the impression we aren't gonna see anything
  33. Gamescom RCTW new in-game footage & review...
  34. Will the game have 4K support?
  35. The hype !
  36. RCTW from 0?
  37. having trouble
  38. Repetitive Replies/ Get Organized!
  39. New RCTW Info
  40. Some things I found out on the new website
  41. Ride every Coaster !
  42. Steam Download or Steelbook Edition?
  43. No multiplayer?
  44. Blog #16 Pre-Discussion (Date + Expectations)
  45. The hype it grows - the hype it flows...but no idea how it looks in the end
  46. RollerCoaster Tycoon World features: Doubts/Confirmed
  47. Question on download
  48. Any word on visual length of queue based on popularity?
  49. Curved Paths: Preset pieces or splines / set width or adjustable
  50. I just noticed this...
  51. Is there a reason why no media anywhere posted news about RCT:W?
  52. RCTW promo
  53. I'm tired of waiting for nothing.
  54. Found a hards-on review from GameCom 2015...
  55. RCTWorld @ PAX
  56. Rollercoaster Tycoon World can be preorder now, is this right?
  57. When the game is released...
  58. Specs for a PC TOWER?
  59. Scenery Interface
  60. About the communication between the developers and the community
  61. Littlewoods accepting preorder for RCTW - Release date 25th September 2015!
  62. RCTW on Brazil
  63. What if: New RCTW trailer is....
  64. RCTW T-shirts + Merchandise
  65. Forum question: If I unlink my Steam account, will this forums account be deleted?
  66. Ride Every Coaster?
  67. Gamescom footage??
  68. What is the first coaster you are going to re-create ?
  69. Will Arrow Dynamics Coaster Still be in the Game?
  70. Just a few questions...
  71. RCTW question
  72. And remembering that...
  73. small difference between teaser
  74. Stylised aesthetic and Graphics
  75. So I pre-order RCTW
  76. Coaster Lift Question
  77. Spline Tracks
  78. The Future of RCTW after release?
  79. Advertised (to buy) on YouTube
  80. Steam Workshop Question
  81. What Pre-trailer information is still relevant?
  82. Multiplayer scenarios?
  83. Best processor for RCTW
  84. Question about the retail version
  85. How good of a computer will we need to run RCTW?
  86. New article.
  87. Blog #17 Pre-Discussion (Date + Expectations)
  88. Collection of ALL videos and photos @pax
  89. Peeps from PAX
  90. A couple of concerns
  91. article
  92. Frustrated with Lack of Photos and Video
  93. No chain in lifthill?
  94. Full Controller Support Has Been Added
  95. Stop Saying later!
  96. This means no more crazy coasters.
  97. Slowly hacked off by members here...
  98. CoasterCam @ PAX?
  99. Concern about rollercoasters physics
  100. The bigger picture...
  101. Skype community group
  102. Steam Group
  103. Supports to track
  104. Stations and ride queues Discussion
  105. The "we need more content" thread!
  106. lowered station track
  107. PAX [Live Stream]
  108. Mac OSX?
  109. New article
  110. What do you mean there are no Transport rides?
  111. Paths and Ride Queues Issue
  112. Has anyone started building Custom Content?
  113. EXPANSION PACKS CONFIRMED !! and new long gameplay
  114. Dark Rides?
  115. YT videos?
  116. Music in the game
  117. [Question] I noticed the peeps interacting with Station Queues
  118. Very important question that wasn't asked/answered
  119. No custom buildings
  120. MattLab's comment about custom buildings - bit confused
  121. Trees, Plants and Shrubs
  122. Concerns with stations
  123. Isn't it kind of silly to have it on SteamOS and not Mac OS when both are OpenGL?
  124. Much needed graphical improvements
  125. let me buy this game now!!!
  126. Great Things We've Seen So Far
  127. Why is nobody talking about beta? :O
  128. PAX Game Play
  129. Scenery building might still be possible
  130. Biggest Concerns Post Pax 2015
  131. PAX Demo for All?
  132. RCT 3 Rides in comparison
  133. Anyone else planning on playing RCTW on a Steam Box?
  134. Are there going to be more peeps
  135. Exciting News RCTW Gameplay
  136. Importing Rides/Coaster Designers from RCT3 into World Possible?
  137. The queues in RCTW are too wide and unrealistic. Take part in the poll now!
  138. Dear RCT Devs & Community,
  139. After PAX
  140. RCT3 to RCTW wishes, dreams, worries and enjoyment.
  141. The music in the Pax demo
  142. Autocomplete
  143. Will there be a park inspector?
  144. DirectX
  145. Terrain coloring
  146. Pre-order bonuses
  147. Mattlab knows what he's doing
  148. 10 Different Tracks or 10 Coasters Total?
  149. Precise node-positioning
  150. Day/Night Cycle During PAX Live Stream
  151. Concern about lights?
  152. Worried about map size
  153. Beta & Release Date Theories
  154. Being able to ride flat rides too
  155. Let's collect the FAQs!
  156. Music
  157. Will we be seeing any Mr. Bone's Wild Ride references in the game?
  158. CAn you put an MP3 file somewhere and have the music come out of loudspeakers?
  159. Speakers
  160. Dx11
  161. Coasters only custom build?
  162. If building structures is/will be possible, how should it be implemented?
  163. Thoughts after watching Alpha
  164. Will we be able to preorder RCTW at Steam?
  165. Merry-Go-Round Closeups HD
  166. Coaster Editor: Restrictions on the Wooden Coasters are too strict!
  167. Signs?
  168. Concerned about Concern threads
  169. What's next?
  170. Confused about Map Size
  171. Worried about the path after seeing gameplay
  172. Positive Outlook on ride list
  173. Flatride problems that are currently know
  174. a question that's really bugging me ?
  175. Custom Flat Rides??
  176. Should RCTW be delayed?
  177. Building on hills
  178. Expectations for the peep AI
  179. Sync stations & carts using different stations on return
  180. The Park Inspector!
  181. Scenario Editor
  182. Blog #18 Pre-Discussion (Date/Expectations)
  183. What do you guys want to see next?
  184. still no release date for RCTW ?
  185. "Personal" question to Mattlab
  186. Coaster builder question
  187. Path Stairs
  188. Game Options
  189. Station Gates
  190. Broken down rides
  191. New interview surfaces with yours truly...
  192. Technical question depending the Coaster builder
  193. Vertical loops
  194. Unity 5
  195. Ride entrances and exits
  196. A few concerns about the launch of the game ( Shout out to Mattlab ) Plz Read
  197. RCTW Release Date?
  198. A few concerns
  199. Should the game have coaster cars fly off mid-track?
  200. Object placements on paths
  201. RCT of the Future - Developer Inspiration
  202. Now here is my point of realism
  203. Solution
  204. New monitor for rctw question
  205. When should a coaster derail?
  206. New pax prime videos
  207. How many Mac Users out there want a Mac version?
  208. ride dynamics / physics
  209. Beta Logic
  210. From what we know the game will and won't have, what do you want to see moded in?
  211. I'm new here, a few questions!
  212. Custom Scenery... Any cons?
  213. Concern regarding Wooden coasters
  214. Pipeworks / Nvizzio?
  215. Cant Wait For Pre Order!!!!
  216. Advice.
  217. new interview and gameplay !!
  218. New things seen in Behind the Scenes
  219. What is used to make the game?
  220. Blog #19 Pre-Discussion (Date/Expectations)
  221. Six Flags Coasters
  222. What Makes a Good RCT Coaster?
  223. Wider Paths, Places and more Suggestions for Paths
  224. Customizable coaster stations
  225. Let's talk about the importance of paths in game design.
  226. Features Confirmed *REDONE*
  227. Beta Confirmed - What can we expect?
  228. Impact of scenery items
  229. Pax livestream timestamps - Things confirmed inside of the PAX livestream
  230. can someone help me
  231. Can we debunk the Coaster types?
  232. Plans for After RCTW?
  233. Unlimited Money
  234. Tunnels at release !?!?
  235. Custom stuff - Steam Workshop - Buying game in shop
  236. -- New Interview --
  237. Will there be a sandbox-ish mode without unlimited money?
  238. Sound/Music Department
  239. Just some things I noticed watching the pax livestream
  240. Most awsome boss eva!!
  241. Rides look bigger or proportional.
  242. Map Size
  243. Peep Cam
  244. Pre-order Release Date and Beta Times
  245. Blogpost #20 Pre-Discussion (Release/Expectations)
  246. Oculus Rift Support
  247. UK deluxe edition pricing
  248. When will there be pictures of the deluxe DLC?
  249. Should the Beta be free?
  250. What engine are they using.