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  1. An Ode To RollerCoasterTycoon- We Must Keep Fighting
  2. Lets Give Atari More Time?
  3. My point has been proven.
  4. RCT and Gothic: similarity to the Gothic Franchise!
  5. A Close Look at the Gameplay Teaser Video
  6. "Tune in next week for a special GDC edition of our Production blog"
  7. Kotaku Fourms blasted by Power Up.com regarding RCTW
  8. First post, couldn't stay silent anymore.
  9. Dev Blog 5 and information in it.
  10. Trailer Footage is from LAST YEAR !! Don't dislike the trailer !! [+Video]
  11. And possibly the most horrible things about the teaser (besides the stupid visuals)
  12. These are the Flat Rides people want in RCTW
  13. The only positive thing the trailer gave us..
  14. All I need to know...
  15. Will Blog 5 Be Out Today
  16. What if the Trailer was supposed to look like that?
  17. Some questions regarding RCTW
  18. What we know since the trailer
  19. Loosing interest with this game !
  20. The very last part of the trailer looks a lot better...
  21. Blog post 5 predicterator thread
  22. My Reaction to the RCTW Trailer
  23. Would You Buy This?
  24. Mattlab said...
  25. My Honest Opinion On The Future
  26. Why It's Imperative We Get An Update Tonight
  27. Early access, beta, or official release?
  28. Where is Dre Roberts?
  29. Found this screenshot on the offical facebook page
  30. If there is a silver lining in this cloud of darkness.........
  31. MATTLAB are you doing a blog today?
  32. Will we ever get the amount of CS we had in RCT3?
  33. Positivty c:
  34. Nothing left to say !! Mattlab posts
  35. Supports
  36. What did you think when you saw it?
  37. In that case....what do we know?
  38. I Love RCTW....
  39. "early next week".....
  40. This is what a "next gen" simulation game looks like
  41. No Blog 5 yet
  42. Let's make a fan expansion, influenced by RCTW for RCT3.
  43. This concerns me.
  44. Exactly which promises were broken?
  45. Let's play the waiting game!
  46. Not Trusting Area 52 Games
  47. HEY MATTLAB....you said post #5 would be released today!
  48. I'm Leaving if they don't post by tommorow.
  49. I feel really bad about what happened...
  50. If this is paramount importance...
  51. is Atari Area 52ing this place?
  52. Mattlab - Let's play a game...
  53. Is MattLab the only member from either Atari or Area52 interacting with the forums?
  54. Tired of the negative vibes
  55. Please let this be in the game
  56. Why don't we wait easily !?!?
  57. We need to stop creating useless new threads!
  58. Have you given up faith in RCTW?
  59. Soaked in RCTW?
  60. Mattlab Can you answer this question ??
  61. Just played through RCT3 platinum
  62. This is such a joke.
  63. What We Know About Blog Post 5! (Sad I Need To Make This Thread)
  64. Rest in Peace
  65. Dj Khalid **** boo adventures!
  66. For the Sake Of All Of Us
  67. Imagine that you are in charge of this game and you know the fans are mad....
  68. Why are any of you still here? lol
  69. Footpaths in RCTW looks weird..
  70. Hello general discussion
  71. post eveything what happened until now and what should change
  72. The new track node system
  73. Mattlab was online!
  74. Where is dev blog #5?
  75. The positive thread
  76. The devblog #5 Announcement Reaction Thread
  77. The Positive thread Part 2
  78. The game isn't out yet!
  79. Perhaps a Video Dev Blog
  80. The trailer being "pre alpha" is a blatant lie
  81. Gdc
  82. My two cents
  83. RCT disney rides
  84. could i......???
  85. As a fan - the explanation I want/need to hear about the trailer
  86. Dead forum
  87. YouTube RCT Channel Auditions
  88. Odds We Get a DevBlog This Week
  89. Peeps anger does not equate to the right to be rude or sarcastic
  90. So excited for this game.
  91. What theme is your favorite?
  92. What would you choose?
  93. RCTW UK Release Date
  94. RCTW Youtube Channel Auditions
  95. pointless threads, irrelevant threads etc
  96. IT"S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!
  97. Gamescom?
  98. Dev Blog 5 Discussion
  99. Graphics; Unity 5
  100. 2016 release date?
  101. Critics on new dev blog #5
  102. So, RCTW going head to head with CPT and maybe TPS And Parkitect too!
  103. First person mode pretty much confirmed.
  104. Game core features: interact now
  105. Fantasy Flatrides
  106. Graphics
  107. late 2015??!
  108. Amazon listing hints at release date and sale price? - Official statement desired
  109. This is what the game may look like. {Unity 5 Shaders}
  110. My (and possibly your) 2 questions I want answered.
  111. Only text..
  112. CSO vs. money
  113. RTC3-RTCW interactions with saves
  114. RollerCoaster Tycoon World Fan Blog
  115. What happened to Dre_Roberts and RCTCM?
  116. Mattlab? Atari? Area 52?
  117. I doubt we're getting the game mid 2015.
  118. Awesome RCTW T-Shirts
  119. What Happened to Everybody?
  120. If you live near them...
  121. Online/offline
  122. Why Is It So Hard to Find Who Is Area 52?
  123. do WE need to save RCTW?
  124. Do you think we will get a blog post today?
  125. RCT World User Interface *Exclusive In-game Photo*
  126. trailer leak
  127. RCT3 vs. RCTW
  128. Is Area 52 dead?
  129. What's added
  130. I want a new dev blog post...
  131. RCTW - niche game for fans or casual one for "everyone"?
  132. Updates on RollerCoaster Tycoon World
  133. Area 52 wasn't even on the trailer
  134. so...update?
  135. Record RCTW
  136. An Important Question
  137. Cities: Skylines - a strong indicator of how RCTW should be
  138. No News is Good News????
  139. Is it possible to get an Early Access?
  140. Are they going to bury this game too?
  141. over 1 month !!
  142. Area 51 gone?
  143. Eta ?
  144. RCT World Info
  145. E3
  146. Is this a joke?
  147. Difficulty
  148. IS rctw in development hell?
  149. Ad Campaign for RCTW
  150. Atari in legal trouble with Pipeworks
  151. System Requirement: Processor
  152. Thank you Atari.
  153. Is a game more likely to be mass pirated if it struggled in development?
  154. That's it! Atari, be honest with us.
  155. Why can't we have new community managers?
  156. Possible interview with Mattlab this past summer?
  157. Baron 1898 testing
  158. Dev blogs & Updates
  159. New blog post!
  160. The devblog6 Speculation and Discussion Thread
  161. RCT World Leak
  162. A Message for Atari - SHOW US WHAT YOU'RE DOING. A rant by me i guess
  163. For all dutch speaking people...
  164. DEV BLOG 6: Uncut!
  165. RCTW Alpha?
  166. "Favorite" part of the trailer?
  167. specks RTW and my view
  168. Amazon Release Date?
  169. My skepticism about the art images in the blog
  170. Pipeworks to Now...
  171. What comes next ??
  172. RCT World, RCT4M, Rct3d, RCT3, Rct4, Rct2, or Rct1
  173. Will Rollercoaster Tycoon World be at the E3 2015 PC Gaming Show?
  174. RCT3 seems to be universally "meh" by the community
  175. "Mid 2015" as the release for RCTW. True?
  176. Carnival Simulator
  177. Are We Finally Getting the Communication that We Want?
  178. Not too much scenery in flatrides !!
  179. Firework ?
  180. RCTW For Mac?
  181. Guess This Ride
  182. When do you think the developer's name will be released?
  183. 10 years and we've come a long way
  184. cool video about rct3
  185. Would you be disappointed if Fireworks weren't included in RCTW?
  186. Will blog #10 be big?
  187. Don't Rush it
  188. One track fits all?
  189. A question about the RCT economy
  190. Roller Coaster Tycoon in Real Life - youtuve video
  191. It comes 2015
  192. Park linkings and Kids.
  193. When will it REALLY be released?
  194. Is this picture on steam already known?
  195. DevBlog 10 Likelihood.
  196. Thank you Mattlab!
  197. ABC - RCT Game
  198. when it's released!!?
  199. Game Release State
  200. Better Optimised Roller Coaster Tycoon World for PC
  201. Blog Post #11 Ideas
  202. RCTW - Hands on preview PC Authority
  203. So who is at E3 and seen Atari and can gossip a little?
  204. Mac support -- Requesting Response + Sticky
  205. Your Turn, Atari.
  206. Competition
  207. Aside from RCTW, what else is Atari working on?
  208. I need a new laptop....Bear with me, it is related to RCTW
  209. Intro Screen and Atari's logo
  210. How much will it cost on steam?
  211. Front page broken
  212. If things don't work out, how about...
  213. Windows 10
  214. More information please!
  215. Release Date
  216. Altered In game Screenshot
  217. Land That Never Runs Out
  218. Can't Wait much longer ready to buy the game
  219. Time to settle the curved paths debate once and for all
  220. System Requirements
  221. Blog post 12
  222. Physical DVD release format
  223. More languages needed?
  224. Proof of RCTW Customization Options
  225. 500. Thread. Collect everything, you wanna know or know so far.
  226. What Information Do You Want Atari to Release About RCTW in the Near Future?
  227. Partial Controller Support
  228. i would love to test this
  229. Nvizzio Creations
  230. Min spec screenshots
  231. Kudos Atari Staff
  232. Does any body know.......?
  233. How satisfied are you with the Dev Blog 12?
  234. Should RCTW be early access?
  235. Question for Mattlab
  236. Will this game end up like Zoo Tycoon?
  237. path are similar to zoo tycoon
  238. About that Station
  239. Mac?!
  240. Is 360 degree placement now a thing in game?(Improved grid system!!?)
  241. Original RTC game and windows 8 compatabiltiy question.
  242. Blog post 13 Ideas
  243. Nvizzio Discussion
  244. How the visitors should be called?
  245. First Person
  246. Gameplay teaser?
  247. Staff/Peep mode
  248. Main site is down
  249. Gamescom 2015
  250. Where are you Mattlab?