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  1. App constantly crashing on Nexus 9
  2. Attractions disapear while building
  3. Rides has no animations - only the first seconds while game load the graphic
  4. a few problems with the game...
  5. I purchased tickets but they did not get added to my account
  6. Achievements completed not showing
  7. game shuts down after 1 minute
  8. Hotel didn't upgrade and tickets gone
  9. Loopy loop
  10. 20 tickets missing+ coaster code not working
  11. Trouble Accepting Gifts
  12. Incorrect Goal Order
  13. Activity centre reply wanted
  14. Attraction Missing
  15. Items invisible, difficult playing
  16. No upgrade but tickets taken
  17. 28 tickets taken for panorama tower but it has vanished!!
  18. Maintenance
  19. Seafood resturant disappeared.
  20. rollercoaster had an error..
  21. lost park after update.
  22. Purchased a Spa, disappeared next time I played!
  23. cleaner's stopping still
  24. Freezing of RCT4M ):
  25. can't load park
  26. my stuff is missing
  27. paid for coins
  28. My wife's roller coaster has disappeared. And she's not happy.
  29. Bought Bushes with Tickets - Now both are gone!
  30. Buildings missing
  31. New Device Help
  32. how do I make the coasters run
  33. How do you contact tech support??? I'm sick of getting robbed!!
  34. No text, money or tickets with latest update..... HELP!!!!
  35. Cannot proceed to install either on the device storage or the sd card.
  36. Second time lost all of my coasters
  37. Lost a friend
  38. Need help on RCT3
  39. Completed Goals Not Registering
  40. game loaded up like i hadnt been on for days and lost coasters, cash and tickets :(
  41. Can't receive gifts
  42. Monorail troubles
  43. Constantly trying to replace my park.
  44. Park progress not saving on "Play Games"
  45. No Brazil Flag
  46. Red tracks after completing construction of carbon coaster
  47. Game slow to move or place objects and frequently freezes.
  48. App uodate popup with no update available - RCT4 Mobile
  49. mission description 02 missing
  50. Roller Coaster Gap
  51. make a link
  52. Jeremy ricks
  53. Roller coaster color
  54. Game Won't Load
  55. Videos to shorten build time ineffective
  56. Sound inconsistent
  57. Pipe Coaster not available
  58. slot and wheel
  59. mission_description_02
  60. Page gets scrambled
  61. goal won't complete
  62. Game crashing while loading ( Help advice needed )
  63. More scenario's won't appear after update
  64. Lost my park after update!
  65. Janitor Issues
  66. Goals
  67. Game not loading, crashes middle of loading screen
  68. Second game plot won't open
  69. Third park not showing on map.
  70. Coin collection won't go past 135k. Help.
  71. No more goals?
  72. Scenario 20
  73. food stands cost
  74. Why no answers from devs/mods?
  75. Text bug (just on the off chance it is ever looked at)
  76. Recovery of parks...
  77. Missing bonus with boat
  78. Mission 43
  79. Game is not working anymore